Are multiple message formats possible?
  • I read through the documentation here but was unable to find the answer.

    We are migrating to Zuercher CAD and their notification/paging options are pretty robust. (FYI I am in love with Zuercher CAD, Best, thing, ever.)

    Lots of different message formats can be configured, and you can create your own.

    Default is "Respond to Incident", but I could also create things like weather alerts, BOLOs, Training Notification, VFD Meeting reminders, general information, etc...

    My question is, can Active 911 parsers handle multiple message formats from the same agency?

    I can configure different subject lines for the different message types. Can the message be parsed by a different parser based on the subject line? Or some other way of differentiating messages?

    Thank you, I am really looking forward to going live with Zuercher next month!
    Scot A Fields
    Network Administrator
    Overton/Pickett Co. E911
    Livingston, TN
  • Scot - Yes, it is possible for us to do what you're asking. With that said, the more formats you send us, the more complicated it is for us to build a parser that works with them all. Your best bet is to contact our support team directly by calling 541-223-7992.