Galaxy Watch
  • Can we get a app for the galaxy watch please? I just move from apple, and the apple active911 widget worked great, however android, all you see is the call type as a notification with no further information.

    Also is there a way on Android override silent like on iOS?
  • Ben - The last Android release contained an update to the lock screen notifications, that increases the amount of information passed through, which should translate to your watch. Are you seeing a difference now?

    Yes, Android phones using Android 8.0 or newer have the ability to use Androids built in "Override Do Not Disturb" option.
  • Grant, I don't think you understand Ben's request. Currently on Android, all we see on our watches is an Active911 logo, which simply tells us there is something in the app on our phone. It's simply a notification.

    I think what he's asked for is an app, or widget, for watches running the Tizen software, that would give the user the ability to interact with Active911 via the watch. IE. respond, toggle available or unavailable, arrive, etc.

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