InterAct Question
  • I have a question that I'm hoping someone can help.  We are having resistance from our dispatch center on getting everything for Active911 perfected.  I manage Active911 for several agencies and everything is working perfect except for 1 county.  The dispatch manager is fighting me on everything I'm asking for (long story...).  

    What my issue is, Active911 is only receiving a very few  bits of information in the email they are receiving from dispatch.  I am needing a few more fields sent to them  (such as city/community, notes, and if possible cross streets).  She is telling me they have the "classic" version of Interact and it isn't possible to do that.  

    Unfortunately she won't allow us to talk to her tech support person, she won't let me look at her settings screens in Interact to try and help her.  

    Can someone here that is familiar with Interact tell me if what she's telling me is correct?  I'm sorry, I have very few details (such as what version they are running, etc).  
  • We are running Interact 

    I am the IT manager, shift supervisor, and a dispatcher and have been managing Interact CAD for 15+ years. Yes, what she is telling you may be true.

    You are completely unable to configure what goes out on alerts with this version. It is completely unconfigurable.

    Here is the only information we can send:

    Street Address
    City/Community (It does go out)
    Cross Street (If its set up in their MSAG)
    Event Code
    CAD Incident #

    You cannot add or remove any data from this. Active 911 does a pretty good job of parsing old Interact data, but because the data fields arent labelled in the outgoing message, if you have communities that match the name of a road, like...Brickfield Rd in Brockton....when Brickfield is also the name of a local community you cover, it can mess it up. Its frankly infuriating.

    Newer versions of Interact I am sure this is more configurable, but as it stands, with our version, and any older versions, you're stuck with what you get.
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