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  • [Note - This discussion is somewhat dated now that Active911 has released a native Android app.  Cadpage is still supported by Active911, but new users are encouraged to take a look at the Active911 app instead. -- JS]

     Cadpage is an Android App that allows Active911 to push messages to your phone without using SMS.

    When you register an Android phone or tablet running Cadpage with Active911, that device will begin receiving pages from Active911 using a technology known as "Android Push" or "Direct Paging". This technology does not use SMS messages. Also, Cadpage is "sponsored" by Active911 when it is direct connected - meaning you don't need to directly pay for Cadpage.


    1. Go to the Android marked on your phone, and search for "Cadpage". Download the full version and install it.
    2. You don't need to buy Cadpage - we will sponsor it for you once you connect it to Active911.
    3. In order to register an Android device running Cadpage with Active911, you will need to log into your Active911 account and add the device under your account's Devices tab. Make sure the Page Type is set to "Cadpage Direct (Android)". If your device is already working with Active911, you will need to log into your account and change this feature.

    4. You will now see the device listed in red. In the far right column, you will see the device code. Write it down.
    5. Finally, open up Cadpage on you mobile device, tap settings, tap Direct Paging Vendors, and select the option for Active911 and press register. This will take you to a mobile website where your device code will be entered and verified.

    As a final check, go back to your Active911 account and use the test button to test paging functionality. If everything worked, you will get a page.

    Active911, Inc
  • Also, to add, I have seen where when it takes you to the webpage to enter your code that it will not take you back to the app once activated. To fix this, close Cadpage and open your web browser to ensure the Active911 login page is not up. Once you have done this (with all browers on your phone, unless you know which one it opened to do the registration), open Cadpage again and try the process a second time. What I have been able to determine is that it is something with the browser not passing the successful login back to the app.
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • Yes, it is hard to predict how every system set up will respond sometimes. This is the way it is supposed to work, but I have a rooted phone that does what you are referring to, Zach, with both Firefox and Chrome.

    Active911, Inc
  • I have seen it on my rooted Android phone on Chrome and Firefox. I have also seen it on a stock Samsung Galaxy S3. It seems random though.
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • When the registration is successful, the A91 system sends a message (GCM, Google Cloud Message) to the Cadpage app to let it know the registration was successful.  When this happens, Cadpage shows itself as being registered successfully and a green check mark appears next to Active911 within Cadpage.

    Some people don't seem to get the GCM message under some circumstances.  I'm not sure why.  If your registration doesn't complete, try it again... if you still have problems, contact Cadpage so that they can look into it.
  • While using CADPAGE works we have had some issues with CADPAGE randomly stop working.. they have to unregistered and re-register their devices... CADPAGE also has limited features compared to ACTIVE911. While it is nice to have the ability to use CADPAGE most of my user really want an ACTIVE911 Andorid application. I know we have been told it is coming but when is the big questions... it is really needed ASAP for our operations.. its holding us up from really becoming hooked on the system.
  • I am like the first comment. When is the android app going to be done. We can see our preplans until then
  • Hear you guys.  We're doing what we can to get an Android app for Active911 out there.  In the meantime, if we had Map Data available on the mobile response page (the "more info" screen in Cadpage) would that be of help?
  • YES! That is one thing I am missing out on being on Android. The mobile response page having the Active911 map would be awesome!
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • Hey there..I was just wondering if there is any headway with providing Android users the active911 application. 
  • If anyone is having trouble with delayed or missing pages on Cadpage/Android, go into settings and use the Email the Developer setting to complain.  Our observation has been that that issue hits a small number of users.  But once it starts happening to your device, it tends to continue happening until you request a manual reconnect.  We have been adding logic have Cadpage do those reconnects automatically when it detects late or missed pages, but is still more work to do.
  • So where is the native android app that should have been here today the site says Oct 1st its Oct 1st and yet no app in the play store. Where is our android app?
  • Google is pretty picky about what you can search for.  Currently our app is only showing up if you type in "Active911" with no space.  We are working on getting that fixed.

    In the meantime, here is a direct link to the App.

  • Sorry, posted in wrong section. Moving to Android app section
  • How long is Cadpage going to be supported by Active911 now that the Active911 app for android is out?
  • Indefinitely
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