Alert Time Stamp changing to a Date
  • I have noticed over the last couple of days on my Alert notification page/log, the time of an Alert to convert to a date is lagging by a day. I had thought, the time stamp changes to a Date at midnight (Start of next day). 

    i.e. I look an Alert today (07/17) and has a time stamp is 09:17, and the prior Alert showing has a Time stamp showing 20:55, but the prior Alert actually occurred on 07/16. 

    Is there a 1 day delay before the Alert time stamp converts to a Date Stamp?
  • Hi Steven,

    As far as we know there is not. If you are still having issues with the time/date stamp on your alerts, please email us at or call us at 541.223.7992. We want to make sure that the app is working properly for you.

    Thanks for choosing Active911!