No alert tones: Galaxy S9+ (Android 8.x)
  • Hi all, new phone, Galaxy S9+ running Android 8.x (Oreo).  No alert tone is sounding when Active911 gets triggered.  The tones sound properly in the selection screen; however, when dispatched (either via a "real" dispatch or sending a test) there is no sound.  As noted in another thread, I could not find the custom Active911 tones but moved one into place manually. But I also tried setting it back to one of the defaut phone notification tones, and still no alert sound.  Yep, all the volume sliders are at least halfway up :) .

    I will try un-installing and re-installing to see if that helps...
  • OK, un-installed and re-installed.  NOTE TO ALL:  It appears that when this app is transferred phone-to-phone via "Smart Switch" that some things break.  Therefore I advise that when getting a new phone that after migration you manually un-install Active911 and then re-install from the Google Play Store.