Where are all the alert tone choices? (New Phone issue)
  • Hi all, I just got a new phone (Galaxy S9+) and Samsung Smart Switch moved ove / updated the Active 911 app like I should.  I just had to enter my device ID and it seem like it will be just fine.  However, when I go to set my notification tone, the full list of tones that I had in my old phone is not there.  It just seems like the standard android tones.

    HOWEVER, when I go to set my ring tone for my phone, All the trusty 'ol Active 911 tones ARE there- but without the "Active 911" prefix.  For instance, on my old phone, my alert sound is "Active 911 Station Buzz".  In my phone ringtone selection choices, I see "Station Buzz" which is the same.

    However, neither choice is available in my Active 911 sound selection setting.  How do I get it back?

    Both phones are Android 8.x Oreo.  
  • Well, I found a workaround/solution?  SmartSwitch had copied my "ringtones" (/root/sdcard/Ringtones) folder over which included "Station Buzz", but sounds in that directory are apparently not visible to Active 911.  So I copied it over to the "Notifications" folder (/root/sdcard/Notifications) which allowed me to select it in Active911.  I am not sure what the difference here is- same Android version; same Active 911 version.  How come A911 on my old phone could see stuff in /Ringtones but not on my new phone??  Hmmmmmm....
  • OK, un-installing and re-installing fixed this issue and restored atl of the "stock" Active911 alert tones.  

    NOTE TO ALL:  It appears that when this app is transferred phone-to-phone via "Smart Switch" that some things break.  Therefore I advise that when getting a new phone that after migration you manually un-install Active911 and then re-install from the Google Play Store.  
  • Bucky,

    Thank you for your help in identifying a way for our users to get their sounds. If you're still having problems, I recommend contacting our support team directly by sending an email to support@active911.com, or calling 541-223-7992.

    Thank you for choosing Active911!
  • The uninstalling and reinstall also fixed this issue on a Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Thank you for verifying that on the Pixel 2 XL, Bryan!
  • Hello all,
    I used clone-phone (Huawei) and lost my 'notification tones' too.
    Following the advice from Bucky I uninstalled and reinstalled active911 on my new Huawei Nova I3 but no luck getting the sounds back. Active911 is fixed to the 'default' notification tone.
    I'd like to get my Active911 sounds back because it distinguishes it from a normal SMS but I can only turn notification on or off with no selection of sounds.
    Interestingly, all the 'Active911 sounds' are reinstalled in the 'Ringtones' folder but not available to Active911.

  • Hello all,
    any change someone is going to have a look at the Android app to see why it is only offering the default notification sound?

  • Hello all,
    I've done some research on this isssue and it is related to the new Notification Management that came with Android 8.1 (Oreo).
    There are now 'notification channels' and in case of the Active911 there are four of them.
    General, Silent, Emergency Alerting, Non-emergency Alerting.
    In my case the Emergency alerting is 'FENZ - Region 1'.
    Unfortunatly, all channels are currently only selecting the 'Default notification Sound'.
    Here is were I think the Active911 developers need to reprogram the sound option in the channels used.
    I hope we can get this issue resolved.

  • Frits,

    To clarify, are you able to customize the ringtone/notification for all of the other apps (email, text messages, Facebook, etc.) on your Huawei Nova 3i?

    I'm fairly certain the problem you're experiencing isn't with Active911 or the Android operating system. We've had other Huawei users report similar issues, and through previous research I found this forum:

    When Android 8 was released, our developers did the necessary work to make sure the new notification channels would work properly with Active911. To my knowledge, we've only had Huwaei users report the problem you're describing.

    If you'd like, you can call support, and ask for me to discuss this further.

    Product Manager
  • Hi - I've got a Huawei Nova3i (P20 lite) with Android 8. I used to get only get the default notification tone as there is an issue with the Huawei Notification Manager and Android 8 .
    Read down the page a bit here for the workaround using an app called App Notifications, it overrides the Notification Manager settings and allows you to change the tones for High, Chat, General and Non-emergency alerting.  

    Cheers,  Jeff
  • Hi Grant,

    the Huawei Nova 3i is resolved after an upgrade to Android 9.
    Looks like Huawei had a bit of a stuff up with the Android 8.1 libraries.