Where are all the alert tone choices? (New Phone issue)
  • Hi all, I just got a new phone (Galaxy S9+) and Samsung Smart Switch moved ove / updated the Active 911 app like I should.  I just had to enter my device ID and it seem like it will be just fine.  However, when I go to set my notification tone, the full list of tones that I had in my old phone is not there.  It just seems like the standard android tones.

    HOWEVER, when I go to set my ring tone for my phone, All the trusty 'ol Active 911 tones ARE there- but without the "Active 911" prefix.  For instance, on my old phone, my alert sound is "Active 911 Station Buzz".  In my phone ringtone selection choices, I see "Station Buzz" which is the same.

    However, neither choice is available in my Active 911 sound selection setting.  How do I get it back?

    Both phones are Android 8.x Oreo.  
  • Well, I found a workaround/solution?  SmartSwitch had copied my "ringtones" (/root/sdcard/Ringtones) folder over which included "Station Buzz", but sounds in that directory are apparently not visible to Active 911.  So I copied it over to the "Notifications" folder (/root/sdcard/Notifications) which allowed me to select it in Active911.  I am not sure what the difference here is- same Android version; same Active 911 version.  How come A911 on my old phone could see stuff in /Ringtones but not on my new phone??  Hmmmmmm....
  • OK, un-installing and re-installing fixed this issue and restored atl of the "stock" Active911 alert tones.  

    NOTE TO ALL:  It appears that when this app is transferred phone-to-phone via "Smart Switch" that some things break.  Therefore I advise that when getting a new phone that after migration you manually un-install Active911 and then re-install from the Google Play Store.  
  • Bucky,

    Thank you for your help in identifying a way for our users to get their sounds. If you're still having problems, I recommend contacting our support team directly by sending an email to support@active911.com, or calling 541-223-7992.

    Thank you for choosing Active911!
  • The uninstalling and reinstall also fixed this issue on a Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Thank you for verifying that on the Pixel 2 XL, Bryan!