Hexagon/Intergraph CAD 9.4
  • We are in the process of setting up the IPAGE on which fields to put in the email on the creation of the event, we are having an issue getting the remarks to populate. Has anyone setup the event creation to email Active911 or just after the incident is dispatched?
  • Jim - I recommend contacting your CAD vendor to see if they're able to send Active911 a second email with additional details/remarks. If they're able to do so, you can adjust your account's duplicate alert options to identify the updates. For more information about those settings, follow the link below:

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  • Hi Jim, our dispatch is also using Intergragh CAD 9.4 and the alerts we are getting, for the most part, are coming across perfectly. We would also like to add the initial call information they take to our Active911 alerts. It's really the only useful information missing from our Active911 pages. Were you able to figure out how to add these notes? Our dispatch is claiming it's not possible, but they're already sending a different note section that contains our runcard and map page data. If you were able to find a solution and would be willing to share it, I would really appreciate it.

  • Just saw this conversation. We have Comments sent - %_COMMENTS_% which provides us the narrative entered by communications into CAD. This is setup in the EventFormat table

    - James
  • Guys - are you getting any kind of serious delay between the dispatch and the message?  

    Our vendor, for some reason, setup i/Page to feed to a third party application called pagegate.  By the time the message gets to Active 911 we have usually left the station (30-60 second delays).  

    What is the fastest method from i/Page to send the info (POP, SNPP, etc)?
  • Sorry for posting on an old thread but this is this the exact issue we are facing. mwaaactive911 would mind elaborating a bit more on how you got the comments to come over? Forgive me but I am working with our dispatch center. They are willing to add the comments but do not know where to go to set up. Thanks for any assistance available. 

    Ed B.