Tri-Tech and dispatcher notes creates dozens of pages
  • For those using the Tri-Tech CAD, I need some help getting dispatch notes (call taker notes) to work properly. We just switched to a combined regional dispatch center so everyone is new to Tri-Tech.  We have paging working fairly well but when the IT guys turn on the "notes" field, paging goes crazy. We go from getting one page to 14 to 20 per call.  The notes are broken up into many pages, some contain just one word, some contain a partial word. The CAD spits them all out one after another but none have a CAD number attached to them (after the first page) so they end up just creating 20 "GENERAL ALERT" messages for us.  The IT guys can't figure out what is going on.

    Any Tri-Tech users get dispatcher notes and have any advice they want to share on how it works?