App no longer alerts since update & new icon display is terrible.
  • Since the update to Android version, Active911 no longer audibly alerts.  The alert pops up but no sounds.  I have a Pixel 2 running Android 8.1.0.  I had no problems prior to the most recent update.  I've cleared cache, cleared data, and uninstalled/reinstalled the app.  Nothing has resolved the issue.

    Additionally, the new icon is terrible.  Well, the icon itself I can live with (although I prefer the old one).  But something you changed in the update now adds a white circle around it and it displays terrible.  Old version never did this.
    895 x 680 - 2M
  • Think I found the issue. While trying to set app notification settings and override my Do Not Disturb rules, I noticed I didn't have all of the appropriate settings with the new app. Specifically, allow interruptions and override DND weren't available.

    Prior version:!AtENJrG_g6SKnCVCGer73W1qmzv6

    I've since rolled back to to the prior version and at least have my functionality back (and the old icon!)

    I wish I had screen captured this same screen for the new version but I'm not reinstalling it just for that.
  • Erik,

    I too have a Pixel (XL 1st gen) and am having issues with audible alerts/notifications for the past month. I thought it was Active911 and emailed them (as it started around the last update)....BUT its actually a bug with android 8.1.0 and has been affecting a number of Pixel phones since last fall/winter when 8.1.0 came out.

    This link is to the first acknowledged report to Google, which Google just reported they fixed the issue but not to as when they will roll out the next update that has the fix in it:

    This link is to a long forum of people having the issue, some people have temporary fixes (cycle bluetooth on/off and reboot), but generally the issue will come back until the next reboot. I've tried everything from factory reset, to even enrolling in the Android P beta (but the issue is present in the curent beta too)!msg/phone-by-google/QINW55_F5U8/DFNcJsSQCwAJ