App no longer alerts since update & new icon display is terrible.
  • Since the update to Android version, Active911 no longer audibly alerts.  The alert pops up but no sounds.  I have a Pixel 2 running Android 8.1.0.  I had no problems prior to the most recent update.  I've cleared cache, cleared data, and uninstalled/reinstalled the app.  Nothing has resolved the issue.

    Additionally, the new icon is terrible.  Well, the icon itself I can live with (although I prefer the old one).  But something you changed in the update now adds a white circle around it and it displays terrible.  Old version never did this.
    895 x 680 - 2M
  • Think I found the issue. While trying to set app notification settings and override my Do Not Disturb rules, I noticed I didn't have all of the appropriate settings with the new app. Specifically, allow interruptions and override DND weren't available.

    Prior version:!AtENJrG_g6SKnCVCGer73W1qmzv6

    I've since rolled back to to the prior version and at least have my functionality back (and the old icon!)

    I wish I had screen captured this same screen for the new version but I'm not reinstalling it just for that.