Family SMS
  • What happens when you enable family sms in the agency tab???
  • We're running an internal beta for being able to tell your family you're responding to a call.  One of the big things I took away from chat was giving administrators a quick and easy way to disable it, so we wanted to make sure it was there and ready for whenever we finish the beta.
  • How do you enter family information to use this feature.
  • We're in the process of building it and giving it to those testers that are trying it.
  • I would love to give it a try
  • i am already a beta tester i would love to try it out.
  • Adam and Jeff,

    We are manually setting up this beta. You will need to email Bryan directly. Please reference the idea in our portal for his email and instructions here:
  • Admins should be able to administer Family SMS for their users as well as the user themselves.  Many of our people do not login into the console and will ask admin to add this info for them.

    OR they need to be able to enter it from the client on their phone.

  • Ken - With our current plan, individuals who want to use Family SMS will have to login to the website to add the phone number they want to receive Family SMS. The admin of the account will have access to a complete list of all of the phone numbers that have been added to Family SMS by users within their agency. The admins can edit or remove numbers from that list, but cannot add numbers.

    By default, anyone who has a device registered in our system has the ability to login to the member access portal, using the email address that is registered with their device. As part of our Family SMS release, we are adding a feature that will automatically send a password reset email to a newly added device, to help make the login process easier.
  • Is there a way to adjust the time stamp that gets sent.  Currently it appears to be time stamping GMT. So it is 7 hours ahead, which could be confusing to a family member who is only able to check messages periodically. 
  • Is this live for all users now?  Family SMS is enabled on our agency page, but I can't figure out where to add phone numbers and turn on/off for my user (I assume as an admin I will only have access to add a phone number for me).  
  • Anybody get this to work. I have had two calls since turning it on and nothing comes through. I understand if it says unvil it won't send one but I have tried other responds buttons with no luck. I double checked my device and the number and it shows active. I have 4 beta testers on my dept and no luck.
  • Bucky S the newsletter that was sent walks you through how to get your devices up and running.  You have t o login and go to user tab scroll to the bottom and enter a phone number of choice then hit the green button to active.
  • My "user" tab doesnt open when pressed. Any instructions on how to enable this tab please?
  • Some quick feedback so far:
    • Currently only "UNVL" or not clicking an options is the only way a SMS won't be sent. Can "OOS" be added and/or the ability for us to choose which codes/buttons would send the SMS (as not all department use the standard text/same codes)
    • Option to add custom time frames for each users family SMS. I like the idea my wife can get a SMS that I am running a call at 16:30 so shes knows I'll be late home...but I don't like at 0300 when I'm running a call she may get woken up from that same SMS service.
  • Thanks mattd, I didn't catch that there was a new website url- i was hunting around on the old one.
  • There appear to be several unanswered questions in this thread. I'll do my best to answer those questions:

    Stephen L.: Our developers are working to make the "TIME" data appear in the user's local time zone, rather than GMT.

    mattd: If you're still having problems, I recommend contacting our support team directly by sending an email to, or calling 541-223-7992.

    Operations: Are you using an internet browser on your smartphone, or are you using a PC? We've had issues with people using Internet Explorer as their browser. Our recommend browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    Taylor H: If you have ideas/suggestions, the best place to submit them is at our ideas portal. You can visit our ideas portal at, and login with your normal member access credentials. The section option you described is planned feature that will be coming in the future.
  • We have ours up and running with no issues for the past month so far so good.
  • Still no option for the department administrator to add phone numbers to the accounts?
  • Craig: The admin should be able to add devices under the "Family" tab, but only the first number will show under that tab. If you would like to verify that the numbers have been added, click under the user tab and the numbers will be listed. This should be fixed by the developers this week or early next week.

    Thanks for choosing Active911!