Active911 to Alphamate pager
  • We have a mix of smartphones, standard phones and alphamate pagers. Is there a way to send alerts to pagers. We can send them via email but I did not see a way to enter email address for alerts.
  • OK, someone recommend another service that does a mix of pagers, cell phones and smart phones.?
  • Google Voice at the least will do SMS to email but that sounds like a lousy idea..

    Curious that plain email isn't an option within a911...
  • Do the alphamate pagers require an email to be sent to them, or do they have a number you can just send an SMS message to?
  • As far as I know you can send messages using a TAP number and dialup modem, email, and using the USA Mobility webpage.
  • Ok, so there is only 1 access number for them then and no individual number to send an SMS alert to them as if they were a dumbphone.  If you can come across a single number for them, try entering as a dumbphone.
  • Tried success.
  • Each pager has its own number.
    When you dial the number you get " Please enter your numeric message after the tone".

    There is a number for a dial up modem straight to USA Mobility but it just gives you the old fax sound and will not take anything else.
  • It's being added to the new alert server code.  We're rolling out a test server today, but we're not publishing its info since it will be in beta.  If you want to test it with us, contact support.
  • Thanks, email sent to support!
  • Still no support for sending alerts to pagers via email.