Adding a note, ideas ?
  • im not sure id this is already a feature being implemented but i believe a great idea would to have the option to add a personal note to an address/ such as example/ 3900 aresnal goes out/ personal message also popa up or is an option in the app thst ststes somthing entered like "/ px call pt had a weapon armed and dangerous ** REQUEST PD**
  • Anvilhawk,
    Notes like that can be added if sent from dispatch or if a member wants to add this information on after the call is sent through, they can do so from their app if they have the "Send Alert" permission on their device profile. This additional permission would need to be granted by an admin on the account.

    If you think dispatch is receiving this information, but it is not showing on the alerts you receive, please email us at with your account name so we can check if there is anything we can do to help this information come through.