Chat group
  • Can someone explain the Chat feature? Does anyone use it? what for and how does it work?
  • I have seen some people with our system use it. You can post a message and it comes up on everyone's active 911 for everyone to see. I have had people the past few days testing it out. It appears to be like a huge chat where anyone that has active 911 under our account can post something for all the other users to see.
  • I have people asking if there's a way to turn off the chat feature. Is there a way to do so (please provide instructions for both Android and iOS) Thanks!
  • has anyone figured out how to delete old messages that are sent within the chat feature
  • Doug W.,

    You can turn the chat feature off on the agency level. Not sure if you are the admin, but an admin or someone with the "edit agency" permission can login to our website and scroll down to the bottom of the agency tab, there is a question, "enable chat?" There they can select no and that will disable it for all devices.

    Wes A.,

    Right now there isn't a way to delete messages, but it is in the idea portal. You can vote for it here:
  • Can the chat feature be broken into groups versus sending a chat to the entire department.
    i.e. chat group for department, station, officers, engineers, etc....
  • mmeyer,

    That is a great idea. There is a similiar one in our idea portal. We would love it if you could add what specifically you are looking for in the comments. That way when the product manager gets our UX/UI designer working on it, it gets designed in a way that would work in your case. Also this will allow you to follow the idea as we work on it. Here's the link: