"Email Report" formats blank email (i.e. not working)
  • Hi, I tried using the new "email report" function.  I chose my Xfinity Connect app as the client.  It proceeds to the send email screen, but there is nothing in the body of the message- i.e. a blank email.  
  • Bucky S.,

    The amount of data showing the body appears to differ depending on the email that you are using. Did you send the email to see if anything additional came across that you could not see when sending the email? Is the call description in the Subject of the email? If possible, can you provide screen shots of this issue to contact@active911.com?
  • Just saw this, sorry.  No, the subject is not filled in.  And when received the email is empty.  

    WIll send screenshots, although I don't think there's much to see!