Not getting alert notifications
  • This started about a week ago. At first i thought it was because Active911 was not running in the background, but even if it is, I don't get my alerts/Scanner Radio does not open.

    When i open Active 911 i see all the alerts i missed with blue dots next to them.

    Thankfully I haven't missed any Important calls yet, but i am beginning to worry. Phone is a Droid Turbo 2 running Android 7.0.
  • Pfortyseven, please try clearing the app data to see if this helps fix the issue. To
    clear app data, please go to the device settings > Apps (App
    Manager) > Active911 > Storage > Clear Data. Once this is
    done, you will need to re-enter your device code in the app. 
  • I actually triple tapped "Connection to Active 911"and it re registered, and since i have gotten 2/2 calls.
  • Great to hear! Let us know if you continue to have issues. 
  • I am receiving the text messages on where the calls are located but my phone is not sounding to let me know there is a call. When I checked what type of phone is listed for me it is a smartphone but I have an Android. How do I change this and is this is what is causing the problem. THe device button is grayed out.
  • Frances - Are you receiving SMS text messages from us, or are you receiving push notifications through the Active911 app on your smartphone? Most of our users don't use the SMS option, and receive information through the app instead. Androids are a type of smartphone, so if your "device type" is set to "smartphone", that is correct. Your page method should be set to "Active911 for Android".

    I recommend following the steps below to try and troubleshoot the problem:

    Open the Active911 app and navigate to the settings menu within the app. Find the "Connection to Active911" option, and tap it five times in a row. A "Renewing GCM token" message will appear briefly. Once it has disappeared, allow your phone a couple seconds to think, then tap the same setting three times in a row. A "Reregistering with Active911" message should appear. This will force your phone to attempt to reconnect to our servers, and potentially fix your problem.

    If you continue to have problems, I recommend giving us a call. When you call, you need to use a phone other than the one having problems to call us. We are open 7am to 4pm PST Monday-Friday with an hour lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. At your convenience you can give us a call at (541) 223-7992.
  • My phone also suddenly stopped receiving audible alerts.   When I deleted my device code, it wouldn't let me re-enter, so I deleted the program, and reinstalled.   After that I was able to re-enter device code - but have no way of knowing if it's working or not.  Do I have to have my agency send a test message to me, to find out?

  • Same here. Since a week and a half no alerts at all.
    My pager went off as usual but nothing through active911.
    I've followed the instructions from Grant and see what happens on the next callout.

  • Adding to my last I just got and active911 notification from Auckland web console (NZ) that they have an issue with network connectivity feeding data to active911.
    They think it will be resolved in the next 12 hours.