Webview on Rasp PI not connecting
  • Hello All,
    We have been running the Pi for a while now.  The TV died a couple months ago and we just replaced it and fired up the Pi again.

    It is setup in kiosk mode, auto load webview in Chromium.

    The map loads and previous calls load, but it show not connected in the bottom corner.  It will not update any future calls until it is rebooted.

    Any thoughts or better software options to use on the PI?

    I did create another webview account and loaded it on a PC on the same network and it worked fine. So, I don't think it is a firewall or network issue.
  • It sounds like the Pi itself is not connecting correctly. Can you press F12 and open the console? Once you are logging there, refresh the page, let it run for a bit, and then copy and paste the logs into an email to support@active911.com.
    Active911, Inc