• Once the connector is installed and we get to the configuration step, what has to be done at this point to make the system send the notifications to Active911? We only need a specific set of 6 page groups, which corresponds to 6 different unit assignments, but I'm not seeing in the configuration scripts where these units would be selected for parsing out to the page groups. At this point we are in the preliminary stages of approaching this, but we currently have an XML connector installed with Spillman that sends out the cad information to ESO for our EMS run reporting integration one way, so I know the specific information is available to send to Active 911 as well. In order for us to approach our IT support we need to have as much detailed information available at hand to provide so it requires as minimal time on their part to configure.
  • Basically, your CAD needs to send an email to xxxxxxxx@active911.com. The email is specific to your agency. Multiple groups require multiple email addresses. From there, Active911 staff will figure out the what your CAD is sending and "parse" it so it comes to your phones as a legible format. 
  • jlamanske, Tucker M. is correct on this. The admin of the Active911 account, will be able to login and get the alert email address from the agency tab. If you want pagegroups set up, you can do it two different ways. One is to create groups on the Active911 website under the groups tab. Once a group or groups are created there will be a 2 letter prefix assigned to that group. You would then put the 2 letters in front of the Active911 alert email address to create a unique email for that group. When the CAD sends to that unique email address it will only go to devices within that group. The second way is on the agency tab of the Active911 website. The first question under options says, "Incoming alarms: alert everyone, or only pagegroups that match dispatched units?" That will need to be switched from everyone to groups. You will need to create pagegroups on the website under the groups tab, and you would have to name them each a unit or multiple units. This will only work if you have a units field and if the unit matches what is sent from the CAD. Also we have to have a parser built to read the format properly. We have quite a few agencies using Spillman so it usually doesn't take very long to get that built once we get some messages from the CAD. If any of this doesn't make sense, it might be easier to call our support team. They are used to helping agencies get this set up, otherwise, I can answer further questions on here.