Individual Response Report
  • Is there a way to generate a report that shows which members used a response button for calls in a given time period? Our company pays for the Active911 service for anybody that wants it, but we want to be able to audit the use and if they are not using the app, then drop their subscription or charge them for it.
  • Jay - The admins of an account can access the "Alarms" tab at, and use the "+Download Alarms CSV" option. They can select the time frame they want to download the data for, and it will be provided to them in a .CSV file. In the file is a column titled "Responses" (Column X). The data in that column contains the name of the device, the response it selected, and the time the device selected the response.
  • Is there a better way to do this? I would also like to be able to view the responses received by our users. And it would be nice if there was some form of  human friendly/legible report report that could be generated following a call. I can download the CSV, but it is not something anyone can do, and interpret. 
  • Nicholas - Currently, there is no other way to download/export, in bulk, the responses selected by the devices in your account. Within the Android and iOS versions of the app there is a feature you can use to email a report of the responses selected by the devices for a call. That feature has to be used individually, for each alert/call separately.

    If the options we have don't meet your needs, I recommend submitting a feature request for a new feature that will meet your needs. You can submit a feature request by visiting, and logging in with your member access credentials.