Sounds not going off
  • So I am having an issue since downloading the latest Android Update . I am having an issue getting the alert sounds to go off. The sounds work when you go to Change and test them , however, when an alert hits it won't activate. The vibrate will not go off either . Alerts pop up but no sound. Yes all the settings are for sound but even testing the system with a created alert I can't get sound .
  • I have a Samsung S 4 and am unable to get the alert tone to work also.
  • I have not received an alert since upgrading to 6.0.1.
  • Have you guys contacted support about the problem?
  • Can you do something in the APP so that when your phone is on silent for a meeting or similar the alert is audiable should a callout  come in ?
  • Callan,

    iOS really restricts us from overriding silent mode. We try to keep the apps as similar as possible, which is why the developers haven't done it for Android devices.

    I believe this feature has been added to the ideas portal. You can search the page to see if it is there and vote for it. If you don't see it, you can add it there as well. Here's the link: