Answers I can't seem to find.
  • New to the site and I can't seem to find some answers to a few questions.  
       1. - Can I completely turn off Active911 when I am out of the response area and don't want to be bothered?
       2. - What all reports can the administrator get?
       3. - Can I hide from the above reports?
       4. -  In the row of buttons that have resp, ariv, cancl, unvl, etc.  What does the cancel button do?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

  • 1. Yes, set your status to "Off Duty".
    2. I just looked, I believe its only Alarms and who responded and stuff
    3. Not if you press a button
    4. Those buttons are customized by each agency. You can set five buttons. We use Cancel for when we are toned out and then County advises we can cancel (false alarm, etc). 
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