Getting directions on a TV
  • Just put up several touch screen TV's at our stations. Each one has the web active 911 set up on it. Each one had its location setup.
    What we are not getting, don't have setup correctly or can't figure out why it is not working is getting directions from the TV location to the call address.

    What have we missed or are not doing to get this feature to work on the TV's??

  • Crickets!!??!!??
  • Davet102, Webview doesn't have the ability to give directions. It is designed to just give an overview of the call area, not route to the call. The only apps that are designed to give routing are the Android, iOS, and Windows apps.
    Active911, Inc
  • I understand what you are saying.
    But what I don't understand is why it doesn't have the ability to give directions. When you set it up (the TV), it has its own unique ID number just like mobile devices. It knows where it is. So why can't it give directions from the location that the Webview device is located to the Call address?? All the same internet mapping programs and stuff is there just like with the mobile devices??
    You should really think about making this a part of the Webview software.
    Being able to see the route as you walk by the TV then pull it up on your phone would be a big plus in my book and I'm sure many others.


  • Hi Bob,

    Webview was designed to just show the call location and who is responding on it, which is why it doesn't give routing. We have a PC app now that can give directions to the call and you can display that on the TV. There are PC sticks that can plug into a TV so you can run the Active911 PC app on it. That's one work around. 

    You can also add your feature request to our idea portal and have as many people as possible vote for it. Here's the link: