Scheduling Tab
  • Before starting this post I searched through existing threads but didn't quite find the answers I was looking for regarding the use of the Scheduling tab.

    I'm the Disaster Action Team Chief for the American Red Cross in my county.  In addition to using Active911 we also receive an SMS generated by our county 911 center as well as voice notifications using our Minitor 5 pagers.  We have 3 on call teams that handle calls for service after hours (1700 to 0800).  Every Friday at 1700 is when the next team in line starts their rotation.  I'd really like to be able to use the Scheduling tab to put the on call schedule on and say Friday at noon have it send out a reminder alert to the team set to takeover call out.  My idea was to set up a group for each team.

    Is this something that can be done, something in the works, or possibly something coming down the line sometime in the future?  This is something we'd love to see implemented.  Any light you guys could shed on this for me would be awesome.

    On another note, keep up the hard work!  This is a great app & within the first 7 days of starting our trial we were sold.  Having the response buttons and the way it populates members on the map along with one touch navigation saves a load of time.  Especially since I've recently brought on folks who have just moved to my area, giving them one touch navigation to get to the call.  I use Active911 on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, my LG G Pad Android tablet, and on my department issued laptop running Windows 7.  The laptop actually rides in a docking station in my vehicle and makes it easier for me to see who's responding from where at a glance rather than having to fool with my phone.

    Thank you guys in advance for any info you can help me out with regarding this Scheduling tab stuff!!

    D.W. Michael - Chief 990
    American Red Cross
    Rowan County, NC
  • Chief Michael,

    Thanks for the feedback.  Our initial scheduling tab was envisioned one way and through the feedback we have received, it seems like there are alternative ways that might be easier.  I am curious about which way you would prefer.   

    #1 - For how you are envisioning it right now, we are missing the group functionality and the scheduled assignments notification.  The scheduled assignments notification is likely an extension of non emergency messages.

    #2 - Would having a duty schedule attached to a shift be easier?  It would be assigning a shift to a group, then having some reminder notify them of the off duty/on duty transition.  Much of the same work is involved, I'm just wondering if that would be a more intuitive workflow for you guys.

  • Good Afternoon I was looking into the same.  I am looking to use it as a monthly calendar for entire dept.  is there any way to add the schedule to the app as a tab for people to view?  also if you can make more reoccurrences such as every first Thursday or every last Monday for example.  
  • Joseph J.,

    We have both of these requests represented on our ideas page. You can vote, comment and track these features there so you know what is planned and when to expect it. 

    The feature to incorporate the schedule into the app is available here:

    The feature to add additional reassurances is available here: