Webview display call options
  • As many have stated in previous threads. Other companies are now leading the pack for feature set and options. With that said, with what we currently have, In the iOS app we will get any comments list for the call, yet this is never displayed on the web viewer. 

    Your team can make things a lot better if you want to, but the core system is not just the bread and butter. It need to progress to keep people on board. 

    Might be looking at other options soon.......
  • Can you elaborate on what you mean by the comments list?  The list of responders?
  • When we get a page at times there is comments noted in the CAD. These come over to a Mobile device and are noted below the alert, but do not appear on the Webview call status on the left side. Only the address and responders are listed.  
  • Maybe there can be another side bar or box to show the additional info. 

    In addition. Have a listing of your 3 closest plug or water supply would be helpful. If the end user already has the data placed in the system on the map
  • John,

    I see.  Some of these requests are to make it work more like a mobile client.  Are you using webview in a MDT?
  • We would liek to move to having it on the MDT's but not at this time. 

    As for the call comments or additional info, we would look for this to be used on the web viewer in the station