Troubleshooting paging on iOS / Active911 App
  • Basic Registration Problems

    Make sure you have downloaded the Active911 app from the App Store
    and installed it on your device. You should have also registered your
    phone with Active911 by tapping "Settings" in the App and entering the
    Device Code you got from your Active911 account (Devices tab).

    1. In your phone, go to Settings and then Notification. Find Active911 in the list, and make sure that everything is turned ON.

    2. Log into your Active911 account and click on the Devices tab

    3. Find your phone in the list. Open it up and make sure "Page Type" is set to "iPhone/iPad App". Click Save.

    4. Click on the speech bubble icon. This will send a test message to your phone.

    If you get the test message, your phone is connected to Active911 properly. If you did not get the test page,

    1. Open up the Active911 app and tap Settings at the bottom. Erase the registration code and tap Done.

    2. Re-enter the code listed next to your phone in the Devices tab of
    your account. Your device should re-register with active911. Remember,
    this code is unique to your device - if you share it, it will stop working!

    3. Try sending the test message (step 3 above)

    Active911, Inc
  • Do you have any issues with device codes stopping working?  Out of 114 active users, we have about 5 or 6 that will simply stop working from time to time until they re-register their code.  It seems to always be iOS users. They have not shared device codes with another device. I can't seem to find a consistent reason and it starts working again as soon as they re-enter the code.  I've had a couple that said it stopped working as soon as they upgraded an Active911 version on the device.

  • I have seen this same issue with our agency, usually with iOS users. I am waiting to see if the new version 1.2 fixes this issue. We have about 65 devices on our system.

    What I cannot figure out is if this is caused by them not having their data connection and the phone doesn't re-initiate to the system, or if it is an underlying issue within the app.
    Zach Marvin
    Union, OH Fire Dept
  • Another issue I am running into (just had to fix some more today) is devices being removed from page groups without any human intervention.  We have page groups with 100+ devices in them. Every time we provision a new device, it gets assigned to the correct page groups during initial provisioning and then is tested.

    Every week, I'll get an email from at least 1 firefighter who says they have stopped getting alerts.  I'll look at the page group they should be in and their device is no longer listed. I'm the only administrator for page groups. We also have our page groups locked so firefighters can't remove/add themselves from the app.

    Where I see this most often is for the users that want BOTH an alert to the Active911 application AND a SMS message (to the same device).  I'm seeing one of those 2 devices fall out of the group.  It's hard to track that since it is the same device, used twice (one as Active911 and one as SMS) but it has the same name.  It seems to usually be the SMS version of the device that falls out of the group, thought I can't say that is true 100% of the time.

    It's getting tough with more and more devices in our groups to track this.
  • Lots of potential problems with that set up. A device code should never be on the device roster twice. Our system is only set up to send out a single message per call. When some opens a call on the app, it sets the page type for that device code to whatever app they opened the call on. All further calls will send only to that app.

    For example, you set up an Android phone with device code 1234-ABCD; you then set up the same phone with the same device code but select the SMS page type. When you open a call in CADpage, it will set the device code 1234-ABCD to the CADpage for Android page type, removing the SMS page type from the duplicate entry.
    Active911, Inc
  • Hmmmm, what do I do for those users (and we have a dozen of them) that want SMS and Active911 paging?  It is only iOS users that want this.  It won't let me add a second device using the same phone number as a previous device.

    I do understand your explanation, though.
  • Hey Chad- I'm curious as to why they want (or need) both. We haven't had this request in our department yet.
    Gary Dillon, Firefighter/Active911 Admin.
    Crozet Vol. Fire Dept.
    Crozet, VA
  • It seems to be all about the alerts and it's an iOS issue.  Those using iOS devices don't get the control they seem to want over audible and vibrating alerts. They are essentially using the SMS page as a way to get the alerting type they want but use the A91 application to view the call information.  

    No one seems to like the lack of control iOS gives you with alerting and this was a work-a-round that made our firefighters much happier.  For some of them, the alerting in Active911 just didn't work for them (iOS's fault, not A91's).

  • Chad, we will definitely look into what we can do here. The ability to assign a device to an account multiple times was a bug that causes a lot of problems and is being worked out slowly with the apps automatically resetting the page types. As we continue to update the website, it will soon not allow you to add the same device code to an account multiple times, giving you an error like it does with the phone number.

    As an Active911 employee, "we will continue to expand alerting options as allowed by Apple. They don't give us much to work with. We are not allowed to alter or override phone settings inside the app."

    I am not a big Apple follower, so i am not up-to-date with the latest news. I would hope that Apple might ease up a little when they release iOS7 later this year, but based on their track record, I wouldn't hold my breath.

    As a Android user/advocate, I really hope we can expand on these capabilities in our forthcoming Android app. We have a lot more leeway with Android. 

    While I enjoy the polish and high quality of a lot of Apple's stuff, I have to always lean towards the versatility and unencumbered utility available with Android.
    Active911, Inc
  • Tyler, thanks for the reply and it makes total sense.  I guess as a back up plan for those users that "must" have SMS and A91 working, I can assign A91 to a dummy phone number and the SMS to the real phone number. That would use up 2 subscriptions for a single device but if the firefighter is willing to pay for the 2nd subscription, would that be a work-a-round for this problem?  Then it is really 2 devices, one just has a dummy phone number.  I'm assuming the A91 application care about the registration code and not the phone number (since it works fine on iPads).

  • Yes, that would work. The app attaches to the account via the registration code. I am really sorry that we are not able to allow the dual set-up option. It really messes up accounts when they have a single device set up for different page types on separate accounts. We needed to make it so that that they would always cascade the page type change for a device code through all accounts.
    Active911, Inc
  • Adding the device to the account more than once is the ONLY way to set-up a set schedule where you have a mix of day and night shifts on the same days each week!  Don't phase-out that capability too quickly before there is a better scheduler!
  • iOS app not going to google maps with alarm even when it's selected instead it's defaulting to apple maps, any ideas?