Multiple stations for same agency
  • I wasn't sure if anyone could provide me any advice on this or if I needed to contact support.  We are trying to get started with Active911.  Technically, we have one fire department but with two locations - Station 1 and Station 2 and possibly a third in the future.  Would it be best to set up two different agencies or have just one agency with different groups?  But within the stations, there are different shifts so I was thinking that we would set up the different shifts in the groups tab.  Any advice on the best way to set it up would be greatly appreciated.

  • Misty,

    A lot of it depends on how helpful your dispatch center is, their familiarity with setting up Active911 Agencies, and what level of response coordination you would like between stations.

    The easiest way is likely one department with groups for each combination of station and shift, but support can definitely answer any questions and set you on the right path.
  • Our department we have 3 stations and 4 groups. Station 1,2,3 and medic.  I got with our dispatch I.T. folks and they worked with me and we figured out that the CAD system has tags in each of the dispatches. I went in and created 4 groups and in those groups created the Key words that set the group off for the people selected. For us, i split the groups into  Fire, EMS, failover, and Major. (failover is a active 911 category if i remember correctly). I had to add the Major because if we had an Major Accident, it falls in our CAD under ems, so fire folks would never see it if it was dispatched out as multiple codes because its an EMS call. (this was something that is tied from our cad. or a quirk that we had to adjust Luckily our department users like to see it all, but the basic principles are the same. So for us i set one group as SFMED1, SFMED2, Major Accident, and a few others,  and the same with fire SFST1, SFST2, SFST3,Major Accident.  It took about 6 months to figure out some of the little things you would never think about. and for the shifts, that's easy to do in their duty status settings.  Hope this helps..   forgot to add, we use the one email for all and group  settings for the entire department controlling.