Smartwatch Notifications
  • I've been playing around with Android based smartwatches for a while, and each one I've tried seems to provide very limited information on the notification that comes from the phone.

    I'm currently working with a Samsung Galaxy S2 watch running the latest Samsung Wear app on my phone.  The only information that comes across to the watch is the time and the type of call.  On the iWatch version, you get the address and units assigned to the call.

    Is there any way to add the address and units assigned in the Android notification?

    Both Android Wear and Samsung Wear API's allow for links to Google Maps on the smartwatch...if it's possible to add that feature within the notification.  I just think this would be a worthwhile addition/feature to the Active 911 app.
  • I am having the same issue. I also have a Samsung S2 smart watch and the only info I get is the Active 911 symbol and the type of call. We need to at least see the type of call and the address on the watch. The rest of the information for the alarm would be nice as well like is displayed on the apple smart watch.

    I completely agree with Randy...This would be a worthwhile addition to Active 911 and make our lives a bit easier.
  • I agree, the address is definitely what I would like to see on the Samsung S2 watch. Any idea as to if this is an option we can receive?
  • Thanks, I've added this idea to our internal idea board.
  • Yes, I think this would be a worthwhile addition to Active911.  Thanks Jeffrey, Carmen and Robert for chiming in.  If you need a user to test it, let me know.  I have software testing experience, and done some development myself on Android OS ROM's.
  • That would be awesome Randy if you could help speed this great improvement along. Thanks.
  • That tracker is now open to our users with their Active911 login: