Agency Settings - Incoming Alarms
  • "Incoming alarms: alert everyone, or only pagegroups that match dispatched units?"

    Maybe I'm thinking to hard about this, but wondering if someone can clarify this for me. I would like to have it alert all devices that are registered, but when a specific unit is dispatched with the dispatch CAD system I want it to notify certain people. For example, if there is a water rescue and marine1 is dispatched I want it to notify everyone. If our search and rescue team (SAR in dispatch CAD) is dispatched I only want the search and rescue team to be alarmed. I have a special group setup with the name of SAR, will that work like I want it to?

    Basically I want it to page everyone for calls but when a specific unit is dispatched is when I want it to notify certain people.
  • You can setup page groups but you would have to have your dispatch send emails on a per group basis. So if they could send an email just for the SAR group then it would be directed to your SAR page group.
  • Cory, the perhaps easiest way to do this is create a group with everyone in it. For the units that group pages, add all the units that everyone should get (marine1, engine1, tower1, etc).  Then, create your smaller groups (SAR) and add just the members that should get those pages.  As long as your CAD is sending unit numbers properly for every call, this method should work.

    This method assumes you do NOT want everyone to get a SAR page.