Webview Crashing after prolonged Use
  • Anybody else having problems with PC Webview crashing with either Firefox or Internet Explorer after prolonged use, usually overnight?


    We have had it happen every time we start up the page and it has been happening on both wired internet connections and mobile air cards.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hi,

       Were having the same issue. We find that when you leave Webview alone for an extended period, it crashs and says 'trting to connect' but it never does. We have to manually reconnect or refresh the page for it to work again. Unfortuantely the way we work, (On call) when we do get an incident we dont have time to refresh it, So it is pretty much useless for us at the moment.

    Can we please get some help on rectify this Matter ASAP, as I remeber it costs Active911 money everytime we load/reload the webview?



  • We have not heard about this happening on wired connections. We will definitely look into it.

    We know this is an issue with wireless cards. You need to contact the manufacturer of the wireless card and find out how to force the card to stay on. Wireless cards power down when they do not have  data load on them. If there are no calls coming through, our data load is pretty small, often below the "power-down" threshold on wireless cards. We may find a way to increase the data load, however that will affect the data usage of these devices.

    As a reminder, Webview is not a mobile application and is not recommended for use with wireless cards.
    Active911, Inc
  • Use a auto-ping, you can simply ping an external ip address, such as google- w/ a higher bit rate (default might not be enough, try 4096 etc) in a command prompt window

     ie: ping -l 4096 <ip address>

     - or you could get a simple script that will do the same thing essentially but run as a system process in the background.

    Also you want to preferably be on an unlimited plan if you do this. ;)

    Another option is Cradlepoint - http://www.cradlepoint.com - these devices you can plug your wireless card into, and the router/switch has a built in ability to keep your card from 'sleeping' - in reference to what Tyler is saying above, and the 'data throughput' required to keep your modem from sleeping.

    Also- I as well experience webview disconnecting on our bulletin systems etc (wired lan, etc) - They tend to do it overnight at some point , because in the morning you will see Connecting.. spinning on the bottom right. The system has network access, and I also put loggers on the systems and it never lost a beat with its network access - but active911's webview for some reason disconnects randomly during the late hours - it might be due to it's idle time and timing out eventually from the server. A simple fix would be every hour or so have the webview send a fake alert - basically when a alert comes in, it wakes everything up - and makes things active on the webview client. When I say a 'fake one' , basically have it do the same thing, but w/ no audible alert, no alert added to the right frame, etc. Might be a good time to do it when you clear the calls out after 4 hours. Add to that part of the code, the 'fake alert code' to keep it from idling to long w/no activity. 

  • Hi Tyler,

         Our PC does not  have a wireless card. The PC that webviewer is installed on, is a PC tower connect by cat 5 cable to the moderm/router.

    It happened again last night, we went to use it and what was on the screen when we arrived was a map of the world and it saying 'Connecting to server'.

    I had to refresh the screen and let it load all up again for it to work again.

  • It was stuck at Connecting.. again this morning on our bulletin. (again, on LAN, not wireless cards/mobile broadband, etc) - Our network hasnt had a hitch. Webview just does this, and if you don't want people to refresh your Webview, then you need to fix this. ;)

    You will save a lot of refreshes from your clients if you had a PC version. I could guarantee you most(99%) people w/ bulletins are running on Windows.. The idea of a web app staying online, and solid is a pipe-dream. Browsers can't stay stable to this regard. It will crash, the computer will close it etc.it's a matter of time. If its a native Windows Application- then you will see stability in this application. This would also rectify issues w/ those who use Windows 8 tablets like us ;)

    Here you go:

  • We are having the same problem.  We have a Wired connection.  
  • My department had the same issue of Webview disconnecting after long runs of no calls.

    We fixed the issue by down loading a browser add on to refresh the page every 20 hours. We have had no issues since and we are using a wireless router setup and the pc has no other activity other than webview.
    Both fire fox and Google Chrome offer these refresh add on's. I think they are mostly used for sports pages and stock market stuff because you can have it refresh up to 120 time a minute or as slow as monthly. So it should be able to be set just inside your modems shut off time and solve any issues of disconnecting.
  • My department is having the same problem.  One station the webview stays up for the most part without having to refresh. but my other station i have to hit the refresh atleast 4 times a day.  They are both wired connections 

    any ideas...
  • Try using the Chrome browser? We've had no problems with that.
  • I reported in another thread we had IE taking up 25% CPU and over a GB of RAM after leaving it running for an extended period of time. It was so unresponsive it took 5 minutes for IE to finally go away after ending task. We are presently restarting every night as I don't know what else to do...
  • Have you tried a different browser? ie is not noted for its speed...
  • @Chad M., It's not recommended to use a page refresh.  Although this resolves the issue for you, the idea of webview is to leave it connected all the time and not have to refresh the page.  Every time the page is refreshed, Active911 is charged by google for a new map view.  This could eventually lead to a price increase for using Webview if people do this.
  • Ryan, you are correct. We pay for a certain number of pageviews per year in our contract with Google. We will try and keep the price down on this which may mean contacting high pageview count departments and seeing what is going on with them.

    Using these addon's should not be a work-around used to fix a hardware or network problem. The correct way to do it is to identify the responsible piece of hardware or software and adjust the settings or threshholds. We have thousands of PC's running Webview right now, 24/7 with no refreshing, so we know the settings are on the client side of the connection. Unfortunately, finding the thresholds and adjusting them is pretty involved and requires the intervention of your IT department or calls to the component manufacturer (thing Ralink, not HP).

    What you could try, until you get the root of the problem fixed, is setting two pages open, Webview in the foreground and www.active911.com or something in the background or in another tab, The connection is not dropping just the Webview connection but all the internet connections. We diagnose a network or hardware connection issue regarding Webview by having a person open a second window after the Webview connection has gone to sleep. If the connection automatically reconnects once the other page loads, we know the issue is related to either a network or hardware threshold/sleep setting. By having another page refreshing in the background, you shouldn't need to reload Webview, saving us from running over our pageviews and increasing pricing, and allowing your connection to be continuous, albeit in very McGyver-ish sort of way.

    Michael, you may try using a memory cleaner like Memory Cleaner from koshyjohn.com. Windows products are notorious for memory leaks.

    Adam, we are going to be working on a Windows PC solution soon. especially geared to the tablets and MDTs. Unfortunately, our app is not an easy one to port. It has a lot of integrated components the require individual tailoring to each platform. It is on the list, coming up soon, just not quite there yet.
    Active911, Inc
  • There is no particular reason why webview would crash or hang or whatever if left on indefinitely.  Refreshing all the time is like putting a bandaid on the problem, it's not a real solution.  However, I understand that several folks out there are having problems.  Here's what I suggest:

    1) If it's on a wireless card, try wired for a bit and see if that makes a difference
    2) Make sure you are using one of the supported browsers (see http://www.active911.com/help/webview ) and a fairly recent computer.
    3) I've heard complaints about things not working properly on a VM (virtual machine).  Only use webiew on real, and relatively new, PCs.
    4) Make sure your PC is not going to sleep or "power saving" mode where it turns off the disk and screen!

    The general way of troubleshooting this kind of thing is to find a computer where things work fine with no hangups, and then see what the difference is between that computer and the one with problems.  For example, Kerry K. mentioned that they have 2 computers, both on LANs, and one is having problems and one is not.  Obviously, if it's working on one computer, the problem isn't just the Webview code.  There's something different about that second computer setup.

    The bottom line here is that we can and have run webview for days or weeks on end with no problems, and you should be able to do so too.  BUT... webview does a lot of complicated stuff with your web browser, so you need to make sure your system is up to snuff.  Strange firewalls, crappy computers, old browsers, unusual plugins, odd configurations... any of this might break things and keep webview from performing optimally.