• Active911 Team,
       I dont mean to sound cinicale but the lack of communication to your end users is pretty poor. This was raised about 2-3 years ago, that there was no regular updates on what was going on with updates and in which direction the software was going.
       I look through the forum and most recent disucssion ends with 'were are we upto on this?' and then I look at the Blog and apart from the glitche messages etc the last update was in August.
       I am not looking for a complete brief on what, where and when, Im looking for a SImple message sayng were currently working on this or where working on that, or a simple road map, to let me know in 2 months time Active911 will have messaging or the Scheduling notifactions etc etc. 
       Thanks for you tirme.  
  • I Agree!!
  • Well said...I agree.
  • You guys are right.  Our communication has been less than stellar for a long time.  Last year was when we realized there was a problem, and we came up with an initial first step plan to attempt to address some of the glaring issues.

    Our first steps were to make sure we had a path for people to know when we encountered service issues, which our president believed was best done in twitter (https://twitter.com/active911), and new releases/longer updates on the blog (http://blog.active911.com).  While far from perfect, they helped us start in the right direction.

    After evaluating the steps we took last year, we found that we needed to make more adjustments, so we have some extra things moving into place.
    We are increasing our usage of the forums as a place for providing support, having Support perform troubleshooting for issues within the forums instead of referring people to contact support.
    We are currently in the process of transitioning one of our Support people to a Brand Manager who will be working on better Documentation, more tutorial type videos, and greater communication within the blog, twitter, and Facebook among other things.
    We know the lightbulb tab is not fulfilling its job as an indicator of progress and upcoming tasks and we are currently in house testing a much better alternative that should add greater visibility into what we are working on and what we are planning to work on.  I'd expect that to happen somewhere in February, once it has gone through some internal testing and tweaking to make sure it hits all the requirements.  It will look something like this, but be customized for our needs: https://big.ideas.aha.io
  • great looking forward to this.
  • Guys,
       Honestly still no communications......
    Whats the plan? What is my Brigades fund raised money going towards?

  • It's on the way, the single sign on functionality was a little more work than anticipated.  It's on the last piece of our QA pipeline, so we should be able to get it out this week.

     In regards to your questions about what is next, we have done some work on scheduled notifications, but did not quite finish it.  I've scheduled us to see if we can wrap up development of it next sprint (starts next Monday).  We will also be starting client work for location in the background on iOS next sprint.

    We attempted to do messaging and ran into a few technical hurdles, mainly around not wanting to disrupt our current alerting system, as it is our backbone.  It is on my radar to revisit and schedule, along with multiple devices and customized alert sounds.
  • the portal is in place here.  I'm in the process of moving our current lightbulb items into the new system, then I'll be writing up some of its features and asking for feedback in a new thread.
  • Bryan,

    Ideas.active911.com is down?

  • Chief,

    It was down with the server maintenance we were doing.  I really appreciated your email about the problem so we were able to get it fixed as soon as we knew about it.