Other agencies map data.
  • Are there any plans to make the map data from other agencies available for anyone to view.  For example i know neighboring agencies have map data entered such as hydrants etc.  It would be nice to be able to view these in case we are covering for them.  
  • Yes, we just need to find an easy way of allowing some data to be shared and other data to be hidden. Many departments don't mind sharing the hydrant data, but are less inclined to share some data like gated-community gate codes, knox box info, etc.

    Many counties have a county wide account they use for county wide emergency dispatches like storms, flooding, etc. They upload their map data to this main account and all devices connected to this account, even though they are receiving pages from a different account, can see the map data at all times.
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  • Is there a way to change the sound or volume level in for the PC Webview?
  • Changing the volume on your TV or PC should do it for now. We will be adding more options to the Webview console in the near future.
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  • Tyler,
    I met with the Coordinator for the County's Fire, Rescue, and EMS division last night.  He is making a push to convert all departments in the county to Active911, due in large part to the success that we have had.  This inter-agency sharing topic came up last night and I told him that I'd look into and get back to him.

    So I make sure that I am correct... If I have 2 "departments" alerting my device, the map data from both accounts will show up concurrently on the map (i.e. the routing to the call on the department's account would show up on the map with the map data that is loaded by the county on their account)?  If this is accurate, then this could solve the issue.  However, if the county will not take advantage of the application other than to allow sharing of map data, this is essentially "double-jeopardy" on the cost.  (Don't get me wrong, I'd have no issue paying it for the product you have developed.)  I think that a plan of "allowing some data to be shared and other data to be hidden" is a good one, if possible.
  • Norman, what do you mean by "double-jeopardy" on the cost?

    Once a device has a subscription that subscription is good no matter how many agencies it is apart of. If I am understanding what you are saying correctly.

    Agency 1 pays for your subscription
    Agency 2 can see that your subscription has been paid for

    One of our devices falls into this scenario, so we see - 

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  • Michael,

    Thanks for your reply. Perhaps I did not completely think through my question. But, I think you did answer this for me. I was under the impression that the even under multiple agencies, each agency had to pay for the subscription. I did verify my ignorance with the account of one of my members that is on a multiple agency account. I love this program more every day. Thanks again for your assistance.
  • No problem! Glad to help.