Widget to set Assignment Status
  • As a volunteer department, we would like to use assignments and the personnel list to see who is in the area and available for calls.  Problem is it's difficult for phone app users to change their assignment - have to go to menu, then settings, then assignment each time to change assignment.

    We have 4 statuses set up in Assignments:  Available, Out of Area, UnAvailable, Delayed and would like to have firefighters change their assignment to reflect their current availability to respond.

    Can we get a screen widget, similar to the on/off duty widget, that shows the assignments we have configured and allows the user to quickly set their own status with the press of a button without having to open the app itself.  I think this would actually make the assignments features of A911 useful for us and other volunteer departments.
  • This feature has been implemented on the iPhone,  in the new iOS-10.2, I have seen it myself.  When an Active911 call gets push notified on the Notification Center or the LockScreen, if you slide the notification to the left your response button options will appear, allowing you to tap on the one you want.  I'm not sure about Android tho.
    •••David C.
    Director of Operations -- South FL Rehab/Emergency Canteen