Possibility of Different Day and Night Tones?
  • I was wondering if a feature could be added to change the tone for a set period of time (at night) so my pre-alerts are not so incredibly loud.  During the day around the station I like a loud tone that cuts through the normal volume of day-to-day noise, but in my bunk at night, that same tone scared the Bejeezus our of me while I'm sleeping. 

    I was thinking maybe a radio button for a "Quite Hours Tone", once selected it would bring up a sub-menu that had a  "Start Hours" and "End Hours" box as well as what tone to select. 

    Alternatively, you could also just allow us to lower the volume on the single tone for the same hours. That would work fine too, as I've trained myself to listen to one tone.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

    Brent G.

    Lebanon Fire Dist
    Lebanon, OR
  • This is a great idea! We track feature requests through a lightbulb tab on our website. You can login at www.active911.com and select the lightbulb tab. Then vote up the feature if it exists or add it if it does not exist.

    This is how we know what features to prioritize.