Unfortunately, Active 911 has stopped. Error
  • Just finished inputting all the preplans last week. Tested everyone. They all worked.(sent an alert out for each)
    Getting ready to send out an email to the Dept on how this works. Showed my captain one and when I tried to pull up the preplan, I get the above error.
    This was being tested on and Android phone. Checked with others on shift and it worked on IPhones but not on Samsung. The Samsung is not getting any of the hydrants also.(Just saw that when I was checking other phones)
    I have reset my phone and still get the same error.

    Got any ideas on what is going on??

    Want to get this figured out before I let the dept know about this. If I don't figure it out first it could be bad.



  • Same Here. It appears to be on all android phones here.
  • Was off for a shift and now I checked it and everything seems to be working fine. Weird!!
  • This was a reported bug, I believe that all the issues surrounding it has been addressed now. When experiencing an issue, always feel free to contact support@active911 for help troubleshooting the issue.