Android only gets alerts on Wifi
  • We have one device that only gets the alerts when connected to Wifi. Data works for everything else but will not work for Active911. Any ideas?
  • Same problem.
  • Admin- any ideas?
  • It sounds like they may have the background data turned off for either Google Play Services (or Google Services, same app different name), or for Active911. They can check this by going into their phone settings and looking in Data Usage > Google Play Services or Data Usage > Active911. There should be a box that is labeled 'Restrict background data?' and it should be unchecked. 

    Other apps like Facebook don't use Google's Firecloud Messaging, so their data may still work, but Active911 uses Google's native messaging system to deliver the notifications, so I would suggest checking the Google Services app first. 

    If you are still having issues, please contact with detailed information, device code, agency, etc, and support can look further into the issue.
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