App for Android Mini PC
  • Was wondering if there are any plans for developing an App similar to the Windows PC app for the Android Mini PC or ChromeOS
  • Not at this time.
  • It was announced last week that Google is bringing Android apps to Chrome OS. 

    So then the next question is, is there a chance of improving the existing Android app, so that on Chrome OS devices it will work as a desktop style app? 
  • It depends on how Google's final implementation handles Android apps in Chrome OS. Once we have the opportunity to run the app in Chrome OS, we will have a better idea of how things run and if we should consider any optimizations.
  • Has anyone had success in running Active911 on an Android TV box? I was able to sideload the app and calls come through eventually, but I'm not receiving any alerts (sound or notification). I'm currently testing with my device code which I'm assuming is set for an Android phone. I'm curious if getting my Admin to change it to PC would help at all? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • Nathan_s_53,
    For sideloaded apps, we cannot guarantee that they will work as well as when downloaded normally to our supported platforms. We can try changing the paging type as needed to test this. Please email us at with your device code or name and account name so that we can worth through this with you. Thanks!