CAD Notes (Additional Information)
  • I am new to our Active 911 Admin team and have a question for the experts. We are a paid subscriber and have been asked to research if there is a way to get CAD notes from dispatch via Active 911. Information like gate codes, key box information, etc.

    Is anyone doing this or should we consider a feature request for a parser that has a keyword trigger like "Notes" and puts that in a text field with the call information? What if the information needs to be pushed out after the initial page with incident information and routing?

  • I'd just give support a call or email, they will be able to look into the specifics and best direct you to get what you need.

    As long as that information is being sent to us, we will be able to get it in a format that you can use, so the first step is confirming you are sending that information.  If it is coming as an additional alert, some time after the first one we will need some kind of identifier that we can use to put the two alerts together.