Shift Descriptions
  • Our department works the following shift rotation:

    TUE off off FRI off SUN off off off THU off SAT off MON off WED off off off off off Tue . . .

    Can anyone tell me what selection this might be (if any) in the choices provided in the Work Shift section of device setup.

    1. Every 3rd day (A/B/C): This is an A/B/C shift. One day on, two days off

    2. Every 4th day: One day on, three days off

    3. 4 on, 4 off: four days on, four days off

    4. SBC 24 day: 4's and 6's, 24 day cycle with C offset 8 days from A, and B 16 days offset from A

    5. Always off: Always of

    6. 48 on/96 off: 2 on, 4 off

    7. Every 6th day: 1 on, 5 off

    8. California Shift: on, off, on, off, on, 4 days off


    10. Inverse ABC: 2 on, 1 off

    11. 7 on/ 7 off: 7 on 7 off

    12. Federal 48/72: 14 day cycle of 2 days on 3 days off

    13. Modified LA: 12 day cycle, of varying shifts

    14. Albion 6 week: 6 week cycle, 1-2 shifts/week

    15. 21 Day ABC(alternate): 6 week cycle, 1-2 shifts/week

    16. Two 3's in 2 weeks: 3 days on, 1 off, 3 on, 7 off

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  • Can anyone tell me what the 14 day Butler schedule is?  Thanks
  • Tyler -

    Thanks for the description of these shifts. However, it does not appear that our schedule as I described above is one of the options.  Is there a way it could be added?

    FWIW, another way to look at our schedule is as a 21 day cycle that (for us) starts on a Tuesday and looks like this: ABCACACBCABABACABCBCB

    I believe there's a name for this schedule, but I'm not sure what it is.

  • It's kind of silly to have all these varying shifts for different departments when they don't always work-out.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create a calendar-based scheduler that we can just pick the days and hours of each day that we work based on xx number of weeks.  This way, if we work the a mix of day shifts and night shifts on specific days, we'll actually be able to schedule the auto feature and not have to manually turn on/off-duty.  The work-around for this I've found is to create the device multiple times with the same device code under a single department.  It works, but then the device is listed multiple times which shouldn't have to be that way if there was a decent customizable scheduler.  

    You could make it so that people could specify a shift, let's use Monday 0600-1800 (day shift) as an example.  Maybe they work that shift every week, in which case they'd select a repeat of Weekly, and ever 1 week.  If they work that shift every other week, they would select Weekly, but every 2 weeks.  Basically make it the same way Google Calendars work with repeating events.  Then the key part is to allow then to press a + button that would create the next shift.  Let's say maybe a Wednesday, but this time it's 1800-0600 (night shift).  Set whatever repeat schedule you want for that shift now.  Keep adding whatever custom shifts you want with whatever repeat schedules until you have all of your shifts in!  Doing it this way with custom schedules would allow for any combination of shifts and we wouldn't have to try and figure out what the California Shift is or Modified LA, or Albion, or whatever...  
  • Yes, we can add another one to the list. If you can submit a ticket with the information and a name for it (whatever name you find), we will add it when we get a chance.
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  • I have a shift you can add if you would please?  It's called the 7/12 shift. Its 2 on 2 off 3 on 2 off 2 on 3 off