Ideas for improvements!
  • As a developer I am enthused with Active911.

    If I may, some add-ons that would be beneficial:

    1) Add a numerical indicator (similar to email notifications) on the app icon to indicate un-read calls.

    2) Allow changes to sound file selection

    3) Allow override of mute capability on phones to push through notifications for high priority. (Vibration is helpful here.)

    4) Allow individual messaging of users (walkie-talkie function is possible with push button method!)

    5) Allow color coding of users for action (i.e. responding / watching / etc) for quicker identification

    6) Get real time movement of users on GPS to ensure continuity of response and times (start and end coordinated)

    7) A emergency action button for users as a secondary to radio, and able to relay to dispatch

    8) Faster way to indicate responding status, maybe swipe notification or utilizing heavy press on app

    9) A way to indicate apparatus this out, and possible used in the call

    10) Indicate credential levels beside everyone. (EMT/MFR/FF/PD) etc.
  • Thanks for the suggestions, we are always looking for feedback on how we can make the app better. I will bring these suggestions up to the team.

    I do want to touch on some of them because I think we may have a solution already.

    4) We have recently added individual alerting via the web console and plan to incorporate this feature into the different apps in the future.

    6) The GPS coordinates are reported by each device every 5 seconds if the position has changed and the device has an accurate coordinate within 10 meters. Devices on the map should stay up to date within these constraints.

    8) If you use Active911 for iOS, then you can swipe the notification to the left on the lock screen to have quick access to the first two response buttons.

    9) If the apparatus has a dedicated device in it, like an iPad, then that device can have a name such as Truck1 which will give you some idea of where it is and if it is responding to a specific call.
  • From just 10 subscriptions to 150 in a few years active 911 has become an important part of our department.
    I am curious about the location tracking feature of ios. I understand, originally apple would only allow tracking of a device when the app was open, however I believe this has changed and apple will allow contant monitoring of location even when the app is closed, permited the user hs granted the app permission to do so.
    When can we expect active 911 to contsantly monitor location of devices even when the app is closed?