New map marker edit feature
  • I have enabled the new map marker edit feature on my user account but can not find where you are able to edit the map markers from the map screen. Is this something that is combining out in a new iOS app release?

  • This feature did not make the latest feature set in the current iOS beta. We are currently testing the following features for iOS in beta.

    The ability to edit map markers should arrive in the next iOS release after we promote the current beta to a production release.
  • I have been using the new add map marker feature on the iOS since its release. This is a great feature, however I have noticed that if I add a quick map marker such as a temporary staging location for other incoming units to locate, the map marker does not automatically appear on the map, users have to refresh or zoom out and back in on the map to activate the new map marker. Is there a fix for this?

  • We are aware of this problem. It is something that we are planning to resolve as we iterate on the map marker feature.
  • Thanks for the update, one additional thing I have noticed while using this feature is if you belong to more than one agency and you add the location maker from the phone app, it places the map marker in the first agencies list only which does show on both agencies maps, however to edit or delete the map marker it places it in the first agency that is listed on your device which is not necessary the primary agency where the map marker should be placed or administered from
  • is it possible to be able to add
     numbers on top on homes and buildings like a map marker this would be a great tool 
  • jhurlock, it isn't possible to do this right now on map markers, but you can add it to the idea portal. I didn't see anything like that in there. Go to and you can add this idea. Once added, you will get updates on that feature.