Receiving call but no alert android s5
  • When my department receives a call, my phone will not alert, however if I open the app manually, the call is displayed.
  • We are having this same issue.  Did you figure out what is the cause?

  • It sounds like you are not receiving the GCM notifications, but the app is still able to fetch alerts from Active911 servers when it is opened. If you contact support, they will be able to help you troubleshoot the problem further.
  • This is for an issue with the Cadpage style popup, but it might help here too:

    We found a fix. Not sure if it will help anyone. Our device was a Galaxy Note 5. In the settings way at the bottom is developer options. Bottom of that menu is "inactive apps" When we clicked into that, active 911 was marked Inactive. We clicked to activate it and it's working perfectly again!

    From Heather H. in this thread:
  • Since the recent Samsung updates for the Galaxy S5 I don't get the alerts. The call is received and I'm only aware if I open the app and look. I looked for the "developer options" in settings but it was not there. I've had to switch to SMS messages to get alerts. Any suggestions?
  • discovered my Clean Master APP was causing the issue. it has a Notification Cleaner and in its the settings Active 911 was set to ON I have since turned it off and tests came through as they should No clue how this was turned on as I didn't even know it existed
  • My department having same issue. Both iPhone and android phones.
  • I am having this issue with a galexy 6S used to work fine and it just stopped I seen the comment but mine doesn't have developer option
  • Nlfd_200 - I believe your problem is unrelated to the original post for this discussion. I saw your other forum post, and answered you there. Below is a link to your other post: