Alerts during phone calls, or when ringer is silenced ?
  • New phone - Motorola Droid Turbo -  about 3 months ago. 

    Is there a way to get an alert tone or signal if I'm in the middle of a phone call ?   Been all thru the Active911 settings, and thru phone settings, but still can't get Active911 alerts during phone calls.   I get alerts if another phone call comes in or if I get a text message, but no Active 911 alerts. 

    What am I missing ?  Is it possible ?

  • good idea had some member tell me this the other day. never knew it until then
  • This would be great as I like to keep my phone silenced most of the time and receive text and call alerts via smartwatch.  But it would be great if Active911 could override and give audible alert even when the ringer is silenced.