Scanner App for ISO
  •  I would like to see that when active 911 goes off a scanner app comes up and goes off just like android phones get.  When the user with android gets a alert on active 911 a scanner radio app opens and they can hear the call.  I would like to see this happen with iphones as well.  i seen it work with android users and its nice because if your some where your pager does not go off, you can still get the info and know whats going off.  
  • ... IF you have a scanner feed that somebody has sending audio to the web for your location? Correct?

    What do you use for the radio app? http://www.broadcastify.c? radioreference.c?

    I don't have a feed at those for my dispatch. Is there something else?
  • One scanner App for iPhones is 5-0 Radio
  • i would like to see when active 911 goes off for iphone it opens the scanner app automatic like it does for other phones
  • Yep. I too would like to see this option with iphones. Traveling for work I'm not always within range of our system.
  • Not to beat a dead horse but it would be nice to see some action on this Homefront.
  • Is there pairing available with ISO and a scanner radio app? I am currently an Android users, but I have other members wanting to pair their devices like the Android users, and have the same capabilities to listen to the page out.
  • This is not an option for iOS. The company that let us connect to them from Android won't let us connect on iOS for some reason. We have made repeated requests, and they said no. We are looking at other ways of getting audio into the app in the future.
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