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  • Just installed the PC App and none of the map data (hydrants and pre plans) are showing up. 
  • Have you tried zooming into the map. You must zoom close before they appear.
  • Hi Yes the lat long is there and the marker shows in the right location. It just zooms way out and a centers on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Also when I first open the app it does center around our city
  • @Robert4049
    Good suggestions! I'm adding them to my list of things to get done.

    There is an option in settings under the mapping tab that allows you to set map marker density. If it is set to Urban, the markers will not display until you are zoomed in pretty close. The options moving up to Rural make the map markers show up when you are zoomed further out.

  • 2 More Suggestions

    1.) Somehow be able to disable the Window that pops up for Active 911 alerts, when using Active 911 PC App in Tablet Mode with Windows 10 if the alert comes out windows will switch to that window until it clears and then goes back to the normal active 911 window. Which is a problem if you're already running a call and watching it for NAV and then another truck gets that call. It would be nice if it could still play the audio but be able to disable the pop-up

    2.) When we click the icon, if Active 911 is already running, then bring that Window Forward, I noticed that my guys launched Active 911 about 10 times and never went back to the window already running


    1.) We have a monitor with a Intel stick PC that we're using Active 911 on, it seems that when i move the map on that screen certain tiles will not get updated? I thought it may had been the hardware but CPU and ram are not getting above about 40% running Active 911. Are you all using hardware accelerated graphics? I haven't tried the metro app.  

  • Under settings I have Show Alerts For 1 Day and right now there are 7 days worth of calls showing up. Is there a way to get the users response icons to go away sooner? Our last call was over 8 hours ago and they are still showing up on the map. At one time I had over 200 people showing up on the map.
  • Thanks, as always this is really great feedback!

    @Robert 4049
    I'm adding your two suggestions to my list of things to add. As far as your bug, I think that may be due to low internet bandwidth. If you have speedy internet, it may be an issue with the Intel PC stick communicating with your router. Does it have a good signal? Do any other PCs behave the same way?

    @Bob S.
    People responding to a call, should only show up for up to two hours after they have reported their last position. This is a bug that I thought I had resolved, but it is clear that I need to go back and address it again. You have found another bug as well. The app currently only clears previous days alerts when it is starting up for the first time. In reality it needs to do this periodically since the app could be running for more than one day at a time.
  • Is there a way to bulk delete calls? I have it set up to only show 1 day worth of calls but every time I login, the system pulls 400-500 calls and then I have to manually delete each call to remove it from the screen. Are there plans for a after 1 hour delete call or a select all and delete option?
  • Hi there,

    Love testing out the PC App and seems to be working well on Windows 10.

    However, noticed the PC App map is not as current as the map available on iOS and Android.

    When creating markers, noticed some of the recently added NFPA icon options are missing, particularly some of the medical and fire icons.

    In addition, would be great if we could edit marker descriptions (maybe even relocate markers?) directly from the PC App rather than doing it via the browser.

  • There is not yet a way to bulk delete calls, but this is a feature that we want to include soon.

    Also, now that all of our clients can add new locations from within the app, editing locations is something we plan on implementing next. Thanks for letting me know about the missing medical and fire icons. They should all be there so I'm going to have to investigate what went wrong.
  • Not sure if I'm not setting something right or not but have tried all the different map marker densities and each time I initially open a call the map zoom is too wide and I must manually zoom in to get a closer view of the actually call location as well as enable any map markers around the call location
  • @Robert O.

    On the Tablet app we're having issues with the call list not updating and the app not launching when clicked on, any ideas? 
  • hello not sure if this a bug or not but if clicking on a map marker it brings up a small box with limited info. but if click on a map marker with a attachment it pops up on the left side. Some map markers that my company uses don't have attachments but a lengthy description which gets cut off in small box. also alerts do see to be populating now when app is open though is only on occasion not every call for me. i will try to run the log and report back info.
  • @Robert O,

    I noticed that when the PC App is left open in the truck it sometimes will not receive a new alert. It will bring the call in when the app is closed and reopened. Any thoughts?
  • @Jeff D. This is a known problem. I'm planning on having it fixed in the next release

    @Mathew A. This is the expected behavior for the map markers without resources. The text should not overflow off of the box though. In the next release I will try to correct this by either making it fit nicely inside the box or opening the pane on the right with more information.

    @Robert4049 I'm not the primary developer on the tablet app so I don't know anything off of the top of my head. I can certainly look into it for you though. Can you email windowsbeta@active911.com with some more information? Specifically, your version of windows, your version of the tablet app, and some of the steps to reproduce the problem? Thanks!

    @Mathew A. and @Jared L. The app uses a messaging protocol that may be having some occasional issues. This could cause alerts to come through inconsistently. I am going to be added some checks for this in the next build. If you want to help give me some more information to go off of, you can select the view -> overview in the menubar five times in five seconds. This will open a logging window. Let the logging window run for a while and then copy the logs and send them to me. It would also be helpful if you sent me the active911 number for any alerts that the device missed calls for.
  • @Robert O,

    Here is a weekly Test Message that didn't make it to the PC App. #62211060.  The Debug logging only shows GPS Coordinates like this:

    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 4.939317 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 4.992941 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 5.046608 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 4.035416 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.719201 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.75231 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.785419 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.818529 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.85164 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.884751 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.299903 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.044355 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.067954 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.091555 meters
    GPS Device: GPS Coordinates changed: (27.56902,-82.49912) with accuracy of 2.115158 meters
  • @Robert O.
    New adventure with another new install of the A911 PC app -- this time on 32bit Win10 ToughBook.  I installed version 1.0.25  from your website and then accepted the option to further upgrade to 1.1.0 . 
    Alerts are properly received but upon reception or by manual selection from list of alerts the map jumps to scale of the entire world, with the desired alert icon location shown at the correct spot on the globe.  Much diving later I am able to get to a scale that permits actually seeing the streets near the alert.  Is this a know problem and is there a fix/getaround?  Pretty useless as it stands.
    BTW, I did an uninstall followed by the same two-step install/upgrade with same results:  all alerts jump to global view.
  • Any release date set for a new version
  • Sorry for the long communication silence. I've been working on getting to the bottom of some of these issues. We have a new build that should be ready to go out shortly. 

    - This build should fix the issue where the map zooms to a useless position when selecting an alert.
    - It adds some improvements for external GPS units and PC's running Windows versions older than Windows 8.
    - And improved logging so we can get some more information to diagnose the other issues that have been discussed.

    As always, thanks for the feedback, and I'll keep you updated as things progress.
  • Great look forward to the updated release

    Thanks, Keep up the great work!
  • @Robert O.
    Is there any writeup of how to get external active GPS info to feed Active911 PC app?  Esp interested if there are specific configurations required.  We're using only Win10 laptops w.truck mounted GPS wireless modems.
  • Could you do me a really big favor and allow active 911 the ability to kick a computer out of sleep mode.
  • I received an update for the pc version yesterday. Is there a list of the fixes that this update covered?
  • As Jeff pointed out, there was an update to the PC app. It was a small update, but I hope to bring more incremental updates in the future. If you anyone is ever curious about the changes before I post them in this discussion, they can be found on our wiki: http://wiki.active911.com/wiki/index.php/Windows_PC_Changelog

    Changes are:
    • Added feet and meters to distance measurements
    • Added a copy button to debug logs
    • Improved GPS reporting
    • Fixed issue with map zoom level when a new alert comes in

    If there are any fixes or features that I have not addressed yet, please feel free to bring them up as you see them or as they continue to be a problem. That will help me get a feel of how they should be prioritized.


    There should not be any special setup required for external GPS. However, currently only one application can use an external GPS. So if you have one application using it and then open Active911 you won't see location data. The current work around for that situation is to use something like GpsGate or GpsComplete.

    I don't think that this is possible, but I will look into it.
  • I am having several issues, Loaded this new version today on 3 toughbook machines in 3 rigs. Running w7pro. 2 come up and ask for default location which I enter. The 3rd just sits there saying loading program and NEVER starts. Does not matter how many times I start, Load, uninstall, nothing seems to get it to work?
    Also 1 of the machines shows other nits on the map, the other does not?
    Also neither seem to receive any calls?
    I've been through the wiki several times..

    Is there any specific software to add on that will allow the A911 system to gather GPS data from Cradlepoint?

  • Currently, your best bet for pulling GPS data from cradlepoint would be to use GPSComplete or GPSGate Splitter.

    On the machine that is not starting up, try the following:

    2) Navigate to C:\Users\{Your User}\AppData\Roaming\Active911\Datastore

    3) Delete a file in the directory called storage.a91

    4) Attempt to start the app again

    If this fixed your problem, please let me know so I can figure out how to prevent it from occurring again. If it didn't fix your problem, let me know and we can try to figure out what is really happening.
  • @robertO we have tablets running windows 10. At this time the map will show only some of our preplans we uploaded. We see all of them on iOS though. Any ideas?
  • I am having trouble with information showing up for my plotted points. it is cutting off information this only seems to happen on the pc app not the webview or phones.
    1366 x 768 - 507K
  • I actually had a suggestion for the PC app.

    The ability to use our own custom sounds for the alerts. On my phone I use a sound file I made that sounds exactly like our alert tone for my county.

    I went to set it up on the PC version (windows download, not the windows store app), even made a WAV version to go with the MP3 version, and I can't get the program to recognize it in the directory with the other ringtones.
  • We just received GlobalSat BU-353S4 USB GPS Receivers and hooked them to our PC units. We are still unable to see other users locations that are using the PC app. In the directions it mentioned pointing whatever system is requesting gps location to the comport the unit is in (in this case Com Port 3). I can see myself moving on my screen as a gray circle with a blue circle around it....however my other units cannot see my movements where on a call or not.....is there something we need to do to correct this (no other systems are using our gps receiver data, this is the only program we are using it for)
  • Any progress for us users in Sweden not getting the PC app to positioning the alerts correct?
  • Having trouble now with the 1.1.1 release that the locations are showing, and the unit running it shows a grey dot inside a blue circle, but no other units are showing on the devices?

  • Any release notes for 1.1.2?
  • A few notes. Version 1.1.2 was a simple release with the purpose of fixing an install issue for Windows XP users.

    We plan on adding more features soon including the ability to set custom ringtones.
    We are working on fixing some issues with device positions and location updates.
    We are also working on fixing the issue for users in Sweden regarding alert positions.

    @Wbehan When you click on a resource, it will attempt to open it in the app if it is an image. If it is not an image, it will attempt to open the resource in an appropriate program. Are you having difficulties opening image resources?

    @Mathew A. I have not seen this issue before. I will have to investigate in order to resolve it.

    @SBPD6707 It sounds like your position is not being reported to other devices because the known accuracy is not high enough. We are working to improve the GPS accuracy calculations which should resolve this.

  • Question:

    Have there been any updates to the Windows Phone/Tablet App?

    Separate Question:
    On my Windows Phone I have issues trying to start the app, when i click the app it'll crash and I've got to try launching several times to open it.

  • There have not been any updates to any of the Windows apps in some time. We had a large project that we have been working on that will hopefully enable us to do more frequent releases across all of our platforms very soon.

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