Have you considered configuring A911 for Police?!
  • I help run a Public Safety Department in NH. We are the only full-time Public Safety Department in New England. We use A911 for all of our Fire and EMS calls and it works great. We have integrated our 911 GPS addresses and hydrant info the maps. Very helpful. The down part of this is that we also handle police calls. Has A911 considered using this for police calls for service? I showed this to my regional dispatch center and they would love to offer it to all the county police agencies. Just to see where each unit is responding from would be a huge help for officer safety. Site location info on the maps would be huge. (cautions, pistol permit info, known mental/dangerous person, etc.)

    Great app. I think you could expand to reach the police service and be very successful. 


    David Noyes
    Chief of Police/Deputy Director of Public Safety
  • We definitely support police departments that want to use us.  You should be able to sign up your police department if you are interested.