who is available (status screen)
  • We run a paid on call department and never know who is around. Is there any thought in having a status board or something similar that users availability would show? Does anyone else think this would be helpful?
  • Ryan, We are in the same situation - we would like to put a TV up in the apparatus bay to see who is coming/not coming to the call so we can plan for mutual aid, etc.
  • Ryan,

    Have you tried using our assignments for that?
  • I have asked that they show those who have their duty status set to On Duty in green and at the top of the roster (or otherwise highlighted) on the personnel screen.  That way a quick glance at the personnel screen could be used to tell who is in the area and who is not.  For our volunteer dept, we we would place ourselves On-Duty when in the area and able to respond, and Off-Duty when out of area.

    Should be fairly easy to implement and would save our department a lot of texting to tell others we are out of area.

  • The assignments work when we have a call, but like Ken we are looking for something so we know who is in town and available for a call.