Administrative feature request - Device List
  • I would like there to be a way for the device list view to have 2 features/functions added:
    1) Give administrator the ability to select the # of devices listed from a drop down box. It is entirely beneficial to be able to alter the # of displayed devices in the table from 10 to 25 to 50 or whatever so that less 'click-through' navigation is required. Currently the device view is limited to 10 rows per page and this is a bit cumbersome and tedious to navigate through based on current design.

    2) Give administrator the ability to export a device list to xls/xlsx or csv/tab/comma delimited - this only stands to reason - agencies need to frequently audit and update membership rolls. Give us an easy way to export for audit/accounting etc.


  • I would like to see this feature also.  It would make it much easier to manage our membership and report generation.
    Like the idea of a simple export listing of member name, phone, email, device type, and device code.

    Thank you for a great product, it is very beneficial to our FD.
  • That sounds like a great feature request. You can add your request to the feature request page by logging into Active911, then going to the light bulb tab. In there is our list of features requested and the number of people that have voted for them. When adding a feature make sure it is not already on the list.  Adding a duplicate could split votes and slow the implementation of your request.
  • I would like to see this as well.  It seems nearly every month someone gets a new phone and I have to supply them with their device code.  It would be extremely handy to be able to have a simple printed list available.  Copying and pasting the contents of the Device screens into Excel is not very friendly either.  

    I will look into the feature request page as well.