Add HTML files to upload types allowed
  • We already have thousands of document hyperlinks organized onto HTML "jump pages". For example, we click a building in our GIS, and the user is presented with a single HTML page that contains individual hyperlinks that open all documents related to that building. If we could simply link this 1 HTML page to a building placemarker in Active911, we could avoid having to re-do the work that's taken literally hundreds of hours to accomplish.  Plus - it would make it easier to maintain changes to these linked documents.
  • This is exactly what I am asking get done! We are just starting an online pre-plan program now. I will have 1 single link per location that takes you to the base page for that pre-plan. Links in there are limitless and we have not yet decided what all it will include. But I have a pretty good plan in mind. Part of this being long term sustainable is keeping maintenance to a minimum. For example my site photos sit in a google shared folder by the link. If I go take new pics, delete the old ones and drag in the new ones to folder and I am done! No editing whatsoever. I need an Active911 map location icon that is a hyperlink, at least thats how i see it working in my mind.
  • Did you have any luck getting this set up? We are looking to do the same thing.