Dispatch Centers/CAD System Setups: What goes where?
  • One of the most frequently asked questions from account administrators and dispatch centers is, "Do you have any clients who use [insert your CAD system here], and how did they get everything set up?" Since Active911 receives information from the CAD through an outgoing message, we do not actually interface with the CAD system. There seem to be as many  CAD systems and versions of those systems as there are spots on a dalmatian, and we have only actually had hands on experience with just a couple of the more troublesome ones.

    The best way to learn how to set up your particular system is to ask those dispatch centers with similar systems and the CAD manufacturers themselves. This forum is intended to allow you to connect to others in the Active911 community who may have experience with a similar system and maybe able to shed some light on how to best configure yours for the best results. We have created categories for many of the more popular CAD brands; if you do not see your's or just don't know what category to post in, just leave it under the main subcategory.

    **Reminder: This forum is public. Please refrain from posting account-specific details. Keep this in mind when posting screenshots, document links, etc.**
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  • Has anyone work with Cardinal Tracking/CAD 911 before
  • Are there any admins in Dispatch Centers Who are using J2 software CAD systems formally Cushing Technologies. or any one Pushing CAD data to Active911 from Page Gate software. I need Help Please. How do I send call data to a Specific officer with out sending to all officers so off duty units are not getting blown up with calls but they will still get the messages I want to send to them.

  • We use Tiburon, Dispatch Now. So far so good.
  • Ryan, I am using Page Gate and are using it to send specific alerts to groups of people by assigning them to a group or in your case a CAD unit. If that unit gets put on a call then the message gets sent but it maybe easier to let the officers set up their schedule for on duty status.
  • Anyone use Positron Power CAD?
  • We use Intergraph and everything works fine at this time.
    Stephen Hawks
    9-1-1 CAD Systems Administrator III | PBC Fire Rescue