Dispatch screen?
  • Our dispatch center has multiple agencies using Active911 as of right now they cant see who is responding or anything. Wondering if there is going to be a dispatcher master screen just to see if people are responding? Kinda like what iamresponding has for dispatch centers.
  • Check out our Webview screen. It shows the locations of all responding units, call locations, map data and a list down the side with the responders for each call.
    Active911, Inc
  • The webview screen, as I understand, will only show one agency.  Our dispatch center also covers 6 agencies. Is it possible to see all the agencies on one screen?  I think that may have been the original question by Doug....
  • We have 13 agencies under one account and we can see them all.  If each of your agencies are under separate accounts, give each agency the device key for your Webview to add to their accounts and you'll be able to see each of those agencies.  I'm in the process of trying to get Webview put on a large screen monitor in our dispatch center so our dispatchers can see if they have crews responding too.
  • Ian, thank you for that explanation. This is something that I hope our center will look into.
    Gary Dillon, Firefighter/Active911 Admin.
    Crozet Vol. Fire Dept.
    Crozet, VA
  • Yes what Dave S. that's what i mean.
  • I think offering a device key per agency would work, but not as streamlined as possible. With a county dispatcher center handling 50 agencies (probably 10+ using Active911), we need to make it as simple as possible to get them to add it. If there was a screen with a pulldown menu of agencies, that would be simplify acceptance.

    Question- we already use the webview in our station; can we have 2 webviews?

  • You can only have one webview per computer.  That computer's webview account (sponsored by just 1 department) can be put into as many department active911 acounts as you want however so that you can see all of them on the one computer.